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e-drafting Services for Permitting

e-drafting services for permitting

Renovating, adding, or building a new home and know what you want?  Our residential drafting service is an inexpensive way to get building plans drawn and are at a much lower cost than any draftsman or architects.The difference between us and other residential drafting services is that by working remotely we operate with almost $0 overhead. Our mission is to offer a convenient, affordable, timeless and alternative residential drafting service. That said, we made the transition to work remotely two years ago, however, we have over 12 years of experience in drafting plans for additions and all kinds of remodels in the greater Portland area including Vancouver Washington and other states such as Arizona, California, Utah, Maryland and Virginia.

Our e-drafting services for permitting allow us to design home plans for the following types of projects:

* New Homes
* Single-Story Home Additions
* Two-Story Home Additions
* Dormer Additions
* Home Renovations
* As-Builts Drawings 
* ADU's   
*Light Commercial(such as bakeries, restaurantes, etc.)
*All Projects Are Designed To Meet Code
*To Better Assist With Your Permitting Process, We offer a 90-Day Warranty For Plan Changes 
*Se Habla Español y Se Hacen Planos Para México y Latinoamérica

e-drafting services for permitting process outlined:

If you are interested in our services you will need to:
* send us hand-drawn sketches, building records and pictures of the existing home or potential project to estimate price and turnaround.
* If you approve estimate, and only if you approve, we will draw a proposed floor plan and email it to you for revisions.
* Once you approve the proposed floor plan, we'll collect a down payment of 33% of the estimated total price via Pay-Pal.
* Upon collection of down payment we will proceed to design the rest of the sheets.

Usually a complete set of plans for permitting consists of:

Site Plan

Existing Floor Plan (for remodels only).

Proposed Floor Plan

Exterior Elevations

Foundation Plan

Framing Plan

Cross Sections and Details

For us to draw accurate building plans, you need to provide us with:

1. A hand-drawn sketch of the Existing Floor Plan of your house/project or proposal.
2. Pictures of the interior and exterior of the house/project.
3. Measurements of existing areas.
4. Site address of the project.
5. The scope of the project, in other words, a description of the proposed work.
6. Any other pieces of information regarding your project: such as the design criteria required by planning/zoning and building departments and,
7. Any other relevant information that you think we should be aware of.
8. Communication among us through email will be required.

Engineering & Approvals

We will coordinate and liaise with all consultants that are required to complete plans and provide approvals for your project. We will guide you every step of the way

Down payment and final payments are collected via PayPal. Down Payment equals to 33% of the total price.

Our services offer a 90-Day Plans Warranty for changes.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in getting in touch.


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