Drafting Fees

*The hourly drafting fee is $40 p/hour. All plan drafting services include 1 (one) set of design changes after delivery/completion as warranty of service and for "red-lining". This warranty is redeemable within a time-frame of 90 days. Changes to plans apply to original design only. The hourly rate of $40 per hour will apply for any additional changes thereafter.

*The hourly fee for Permit Expediting Services is $50 p/hour.

*Site visits (including zonning/building department visit): $100.

*Phone consultations are free. Give us a call: (503) 991-1188

*Email consultations are free. Send us your inquiry through our email at: draftingportland@gmail.com


I grew up in sunny Arizona but am native of the northern State of Sonora in Mexico. In my mid-twenties (late 90's) I worked in the construction field while pursuing my architectural degree at Arizona State University and ...

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