2015 Projects

  • Mariscos El Plebón Sea Food Deli

    Mariscos El Plebón Sea Food Deli

    For Mariscos El Plebón Sea Food Deli project we drafted plans, expedited the health license (at Washington County Health Deparment) and, expedited the building permit as a "B" occupancy at Building Services in the city of Hillsboro Oregon. This sea-food deli is located within a small shopping center on SE Baseline in Hillsboro. The project dates back to March of 2015

  • Ropp Garage Addition

    Ropp Garage Addition

    The owner of this project had the need to storage his boat at his home. Ufortunately, the existing garage was too small therefore, the need to demolish it and to add a new one a bit taller and with wider doors. For the Ropp Garage Addition the owner decided to expedite the building permit himself at Washington County Building Services in the city of Hillsboro Oregon. Building plans for the Ropp Garage Addition were drawn in March of 2015. Plans were routed to a Structural Engineer for seismic, wind-speed and beam calculations.

  • Code Violations @ SE 73rd Ave

    Code Violations @ SE 73rd Ave

    When a got the phone call for this project the owner had in mind to just add a full bath at one of the existing bedrooms in the upper level. To make a long story short, the house was in violation of building codes and to generate the new bath, the list of violations had to be addresed. The project was drawn up addressing the solution for all the violations and the permit was expedited in April of 2015 at Bureau of Development Services of City of Portland.

  • Bumgarner Basement Remodel

    Bumgarner Basement Remodel

    The Bumgarners basically needed to convert their existing basement into a play room for their toddler. The permit for this project was expedited in April of 2015 at Bureau of Development Services of City of Portland by the Bumgarners' contractor.

  • Hunter Home Renovation

    Hunter Home Renovation

    Building plans for the Hunter Home Renovation project were drawn up in the summer of 2015. The project consisted of renovating the lower level, changing the main level spaces, adding a front porch and extending the existing rear-deck, among many other things. The project owner expedited the permit herself at the Silverton Oregon Building Department.

  • Shields Single-Story Home Addition

    Shields Single-Story Home Addition

    The Shields Single-Story Home Addition opens up the kitchen by converting the existing bedroom #2 into a dining room. This was done by partially supporting the existing roof system on a new glue-lam beam. It also adds a 16'-0" x 38'-0" addition at rear of structure. The addition includes a new master bedroom with walk-in closet and a new bedroom #2 (former bedroom #2 was converted onto a dining room at main structure); both of these new spaces share a new full bath. Lateral Bracing for seismic and wind-speed was provided by us and the new glue-lam beam calc' was provided by a Structural Engineer; Roof truss calcs' were provided by a local lumber yard. We expedited the permits online at City of Milwaukie's Building Department. The project dates to August of 2015.


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