Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you a licensed architect?

Answer: I’m not a licensed architect but do have architectural studies from Arizona State University and over 10 years of construction experience. My portfolio is available to you upon request.

2. Why should I hire a residential designer or draftsman rather than a licensed architect?

Answer: In regards to residential projects below the 4000 square-feet range, licensed architects are usually more expensive than residential designers/draftsman. If you're going to add, remodel or build a new home and your budget is tide, my advice is to hire a knowledgeable designer/draftsman that listens and helps throughout the design process or else, hire a licensed architect, it will be more pricey but I'm sure that the chances to avoid in-the-field mistakes will be minimized.

3. How is it that can you design home building plans and expedite building permits if you're not a licensed architect?

Answer: In most states, including Oregon and Washington, a draftsman is not required to obtain licensing. In other words, you don't need to be a licensed architect to draw plans for residential projects. However, keep in mind that plans will still have to meet local zoning/building codes and that some restrictions might also apply due to structural complexities; therefore the need to hire a Structural Engineer to provide calculations might arise. On the other hand, any project owner can expedite a building permit if the proper construction documents are provided.

4. If our plans require to be routed to a structural engineer or to other service provider, could you provide references?

Answer: Yes. Upon contract commitment, I can offer references for structural engineers, building contractors, and surveyors. Please note that I don't work nor get compensated by any of these entities, therefore, I'm not responsible for the outcome of their service nor liable in any way.

5. Do you have any other questions? Don't hesitate in getting in touch with us through our email


I grew up in sunny Arizona but am native of the northern State of Sonora in Mexico. In my mid-twenties I worked in the construction field while pursuing my architectural degree at Arizona State University and ...

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